Wool Dyeing installation

In 2014 I built a hollow cairn and filled it with natural dyeing materials gathered from surrounding woodland and local shetland wool. It has been left for a year to weather.

The Wool Dyeing Cairn

High above the shore I found a place
Near the dry stone wall I gathered rocks from shore and land
To build the dye mound wall
Within the walls I placed the peat
Wool from the sheep that graze the shore
Gathering willow twigs and moss from the woodland floor
Sealed with stones of every colour
Now its time for rain
The elements will do their best
Until I return again.
Iona MacKenzie Laycock


I documented the building of the cairn through photography which inspired new sculptural work.

Until I Return Until I return

I left the cairn for a year and in March 2015 I took it down to find the wool had been dyed a variety of shades:

Wool from the Cairn

Also sections of the wool were moulded by the weight of the stones. This gave me the idea to mould my wool and painted fabrics to create three diamensional landscapes.

Moulding the wool around rocks